THALION Velvet Body Butter

Velvet Body Butter

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Real concentrate of nutrition and hydration, this balm efficiently fights skin drying.  A unique cocktail of precious oils and essential marine trace-elements, this treatment provides your skin with real, immediate and long-term comfort. Full of well-being, it is sublime, soft and silky. A pure pleasure for the body.


• This rich balm is an intense source of nutrition for immediate and lasting comfort,
• Regenerated, the skin recovers density.


Apply morning and/or evening preferably after the shower or the bath. The creamy and generous texture of the balm invites to deep massage in long and cocooning movements.



Nourish and hydrate

Nourishes and softens the skin while strengthening its natural protection.

Obtained by biotechnology, they play an important role in the structure of the epidermis. The ceramids restore the barrier function by creating an intercellular cement necessary to the cell cohesion and to the water level regulation.

Vegetal butter naturally rich in unsaponifiables. It protects the skin from dehydration, ensures a barrier effect, nourishes and repairs.

Made of 85 % of unsaturated fatty acids. It preserves the skin from external aggressions.


The richest in vitamin E of all vegetable oils. Rich in essential fatty acids, it has exceptional restructuring and softening properties. The skin recovers flexibility, comfort and elasticity.

Fight against time

It strengthens the capillary walls and reduces their permeability which limits the inflammation. It has a healing and regenerating action. It neutralizes the free radicals and protects the cells from the lipid peroxidation and from photo ageing.

Seaside plant. In addition to its high content in minerals, the Crithmum maritimum is characterized by the presence of mucilage, vitamin C and an essential oil with antiseptic property. It also boosts the cellular exchanges and preserves the firmness of tissues.

Dermis restructurer and energy booster. It is able to optimise the use of energy within the skin's cells. Protects and reinforces the elastic capital of the skin through the inhibition of the elastase process.

Fights free radicals. Anti-inflammatory action. Improves the ability of the skin to retain water.