Our marine history

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Thalassotherapy is a traditional French medicine. It calls upon the benefits of the marine environment, which includes the coastal climate, seawater, marine mud, seaweed, sand, and other substances derived from the ocean. THALION's treatments are intendent to prevent health problems.
The ocean is a rich resource for improving our health, providing everything we need to reveal the beauty of men and woman. It contains not only trace elements and minerals, but also vitamins, amino acids, and more.
The PRIGENT family founded BRETAGNE COSMETIQUES MARINS and the THALION brand in 1994. A cosmetics range using extracts derived from the family's own harvests and created in the family's own research laboratories.

"The sea is an extraordinary garden in a natural state of equilibrium and it is home to our memory and our history."

                                                                                                          André Prigent

Cutting-edge cosmetics from the sea

We believe in modern, healthy, and natural beauty.


We believe in the values of our regional heritage in Brittany, and in French art de vivre.

We believe in the power of the ocean and seaweed to enhance beauty.

We believe in the validity of the collective desire to feel young and happy.

We believe in the skin's ability to regenerate, repair itself, and adapt.

We believe in the precision of the movement and the efficiency of the protocols.

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Our 3 founding values

1. Creating our own marine active ingredients,

derived from the sea, from seaweed that we harvested ourselves, and based on our advanced research in identifying species and active compounds for use in cosmetics.

2. Creating innovative formulas and textures,

that optimise efficacy and have ideal affinity with the skin without sacrificing pleasure for the senses. 

3. Creating exclusively manual treatment protocols,

based on our knowledge of physiology to increase efficacy.

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The unique gold brand in the marine cosmetics universe

Exceptional French know-how.

We control every stage of production, from raw material to finished product. Each process is specific and precise. Having inherited and understanding of traditional methods and resources from those who came before us, we know our raw materials like the back of our hands. Like a designer, we sublimate this resource when creating our products and high-quality protocols.

Expertise passed down from one professional to the next.

As a brand distributed exclusively by beauty professionals, we accord great importance to training, guiding, and passing down know-how to ensure extremely high quality for our treatments.

A natural, healthy, and effective vision of beauty.

Since their beginnings, and thanks to thalassotherapy, marine cosmetics have proven their ability to rebalance body and mind. This capacity has been shown to enhance the skin and restore natural, healthy beauty thanks to our active marine ingredients.

A commitment to the sea

Maintaining resource diversity.

As harvesters, we are committed to preserving our resources at every level. We participate in making decisions to designate annual harvesting areas, establish quotas, and select authorised species.

Maintaining resource quality.

We are based in Plouguerneau, on the shores of the Iroise Sea. The Iroise Sea is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with incredibly pure waters and remarkable biodiversity. Our production facility, which lies as close as it can to Europe's most expansive seaweed field, takes special care to operate in a low-impact, non-polluting manner.

Maintaining resource renewability.

We harvest our seaweed by hand or in boats and have thus been carrying on the goémonier harvesting tradition for 25 years. Each species has its own reproduction and growth cycle, as well as its own habitat. We manage these in an eco-responsible manner to encourage regrowth. We are constantly exploring the sea to ensure that marine biodiversity remains intact. 

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Our values

Sharing our passion

Pampering skin and environment

Appreciating beauty professionals

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