Collection: The Candledust glass 160g

Our glass candles are designed to add elegance and a wonderful scent. The design of the candle is modest but at the same time elegant, so that it naturally fits into any home and interior design. The Candledust candles are in a transparent glass container and the candle is covered with a rose gold metal lid!
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  • Rhubarb Sparkle 160g
    The Candledust Rhubarb Sparkle 160g
  • Pomegranate Spice 160g
    Pomegranate Spice 160g
  • Lemongrass Ginger 160g
    Lemongrass Ginger 160g
  • Oasis 160g
    Oasis 160g
  • Gin & Tonic 160g
    Gin & Tonic 160g
  • Nordic Lights 160g
    Nordic Lights 160g
  • Midnight 160g
    Midnight 160g