Collection: The Candledust tube 650g

The Candledust candle brings out your creativity and lets it really take flight. No more thinking about what to do with used candle containers, just fill them with candle powder. The candledust candle is made of vegetable wax and is scented with high-quality fragrance oils. The magic of the powdered candle lies in the fact that you can choose the container you like and get a completely new and fresh candle every time you light it!
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  • Diamond Dust 650g
    Diamond Dust 650g
  • Powder 650g
    Powder 650g
  • Rhubarb Sparkle 650g
    Rhubarb Sparkle 650g
  • Breeze 650g
    Breeze 650g
  • Dark Honey 650g
    Dark Honey 650g