Turbo Sculptor Pack
Turbo Sculptor Pack

Turbo Sculptor Pack

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Genuine cocktail of high-performance marine ingredients, this starter with frosted gel texture offers two levels of efficiency: it acts as a home wrap to reshape the figure and improves the firmness of the skin, thanks to its formula boosted in marine silicium. This formula released all night long, offers a slimming support 24 hours a day.

  • New formula with double slimming & firming action.
  • Ideal between 2 wraps of algae for an intense mineralization and higher efficiency.
  • Release of active ingredients all night long.
  • Easy-to-use frosted gel texture with a fresh fragrance.

Apply preferably at night over the whole body until complete absorption, insisting on the areas to be treated (waistline, hips, buttock, thighs, knees, arms & abdomen). To boost its efficiency, then apply your usual Thalisvelt product.



Slim and detoxify

Laminaria digitata 45% VAF

Provides a wide range of trace elements and minerals to remineralize and revitalize. By its stimulating action on the metabolism, it promotes the fat combustion.

Fucus vesiculosus

Brown seaweed that drains the water and the toxins and has a strong decongesting power.


❶ Inhibits the fat storage in the adipocyte,

❷  Stimulates the fat deposits removal by activating the lipolysis and degrading the lipid overloads. It allows the splitting of triglycerides, stored in the adipocytes into fatty acids which will be eliminated in the circulation,

❸ Drains tissues.

Horse chestnut, escin, butcher’s broom, ivy

These 4 active ingredients drain, decongest and reinforce the wall of the capillaries while improving the micro-circulation for a detoxifying action.


Marine Silicium

Siliciumù is a trace element essential for optimal synthesis of collagen and elastin. However, over time, the cutaneous concentration decreases. The skin thus recharged with silicium regenerates, synthesizes more collagen which will contribute to its firmness.

Ulva lactuca

Dermis restructurer and energy booster. It is able to optimise the use of energy within the skin's cells. Protects and reinforces the elastic capital of the skin through the inhibition of the elastase process.

Crithmum Maritimum

Seaside plant. In addition to its high content in minerals, the Crithmum maritimum is characterized by the presence of mucilage, vitamin C and an essential oil with antiseptic property. It also boosts the cellular exchanges and preserves the firmness of tissues.


Red seaweed carrageenans

Matrix effect