Special Thalasso Bath

Special Thalasso Bath

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Offer your body a real thalassotherapy bath. Rich in seaweeds full of minerals and trace-elements, it makes of your bath a real moment of relaxation and well-being.


  • Double action: recharges the body with revitalizing trace elements and helps slimming,
  • Creamy texture enabling to apply directly over the entire body and plunge in the water.



Pour half a glass (60ml) in a 37-38°C bath. Do not rinse and rest as long as the duration of the bath, between 15 and 20 minutes.



Help to slim

Laminaria digitata

Provides a wide range of trace elements and minerals to remineralize and revitalize. By its stimulating action on the metabolism, it promotes the fat combustion.



Sodium-light seawater concentrate. It provides the skin and the body its exceptional richness in marine minerals and trace elements with regenerating effect through the stimulation of the cell metabolism. It is highly regenerating and revitalizing.

Preserve moisture

Carraghenans of red seaweed

Reduce the water loss and stimulate the water assimilation by the skin.


The moisturizing action of the glycerol is due to its hygroscopic power, the increase in fluidity of the intercellular spaces and its ability to trap the water. Maintains the hydration of the upper layers of the skin and softens.