THALISENS nature - Divine Scrub Captivating Tiare
THALISENS nature - Divine Scrub Captivating Tiare

THALISENS nature - Divine Scrub Captivating Tiare

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 Let yourself be transported by this divine scrub with 100% natural origin ingredients. Infused with a rebalancing marine core and nourishing oily extract of Tiare flower, its melting texture softens the skin and adorns it with sensual and sunny notes.


  • Seawater Its abundance of minerals and trace elements strengthens and recharges the skin with energy. It also brings relaxation and fitness.
  • Sea Everlasting The oil of this seaside plant is a source of many benefits. It firms tissues, promotes healing, soothes, protects, regenerates and smoothes the skin.
  • Porphyra umbilicalis This red algae helps preserve the protective hydrolipidic barrier. It is a powerful anti-oxidant that protects the skin from the harmful efects of free radicals. Rich in vitamins, it promotes tissue repair and healing.
  • Chondrus crispus (carrageenans) Red algae that protects, softens and smoothes the skin. 

Exfoliating complex: Sea salt and coconut shells.

 Tiare oil extract: A symbol of Polynesia, the Tiare flower is magical. When macerated in vegetable coconut oil, it gives the famous Monoï oil, the beauty secret of Polynesian women. Soothing and nourishing, it moisturizes the skin in depth.


At home: apply generously to dry skin in broad, deep strokes from the ankles to the neck. Massage for a few minutes before rinsing with clear water.

Sensory evocations: fine sandy beach, sun, well-being.

100% natural origin.