Marine Magnesium Oil
Marine Magnesium Oil

Marine Magnesium Oil

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Ocean Magnesium, 100% natural, derived from sea water, is a specific formula that delivers directly through the skin the benefits of magnesium.
Ocean Magnesium is a water-based solution, 100% natural made of seawater. Saturated in magnesium chloride, it offers an amazing "dry oil” touch.

  • Compensates for deficiencies in magnesium,
  • Preserves the nervous balance by reducing the release of adrenalin generated by the stress,
  • Combat muscle pain and cramps,
  • Improves sleep,
  • Regulates energy metabolism,
  • Helps eliminate toxins,
  • Contributes to a better binding of calcium, hence its key role in bone health,
  • Repairs the skin barrier.
  • Locally on painful joints and / or muscle tension zones at a rate of 2 to 3 sprays per area.
  • For the entire body about 10 sprays.

Massage until absorbed. A tingling sensation may appear (a sign of magnesium deficiency). It will decrease as your magnesium levels increase. If it happens, apply on moisten skin or dilute with water 50/50.