Ultimate Wrinkle Correction Cream
Ultimate Wrinkle Correction Cream

Ultimate Wrinkle Correction Cream

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Ultimate Wrinkle Correction Cream is the result of Thalion’s observation of the extraordinary strength and adaptive power of seaweed. In perfect harmony with the skin, this cream relies on biomimetics to restore the youthful appearance of the face. Sea Age3A, its patented marine active ingredient, strengthens the natural barrier of the epidermis and fights inflammation, which causes premature ageing.


  • 92.5% ingredients of natural origin,
  • Attenuates deep wrinkles from within,
  • Relaxes the features.

Apply morning and evening to a freshly cleansed face and neck, avoiding the eye area. To optimize the effect, first apply the To optimize the effect, first apply the Hyaluron-2 Wrinkle Correction Serum.



Anti-ageing global action

Sea Age 3A

Patented marine ingredient

  1. Keratinocytes +18% : strengthens the barrier function to maintain hydration.
  2. Inflammation -39% : limits inflammatory phenomena -> preserves skin from premature ageing
  3. Collagen +41% : strengthens the density of the dermal mattress to smooth the lines

Centella asiatica

Stimulation of collagen production.

Anti-wrinkle smoothing action

Matrix peptide

Reduces the surface, volume and depth of wrinkles by restoring the youthful metabolism of the skin.

2 hyaluronic acids:

Medium and low molecular weight

Medium weight: Improves the hydration of the epidermis, reinforces the cohesion of keratinocytes and accelerates the repair process by activating the proliferation of keratinocytes and fibroblasts.

Low weight: Reduces the length and depth of wrinkles as collagen synthesis increases. Activates desquamation which revives shine. Evens the skin texture by reducing the size of the pores.

Marine regeneration

Thalasso-oligo, crithmum maritimum, laminaria

Association of marine extracts that revitalize and stimulate the skin.



Concentrate of oligosaccharides from red seaweeds developed by our laboratories that reduces inflammation up to 71%, to prevent epidermis premature aging.


Aqua Chrono

Moisturizes for 72 hours and strengthens the barrier function of the skin. Reduces the TEWL by 20% after 4 weeks of use.