Thalasso Oligo Seawater Powder

Thalasso Oligo Seawater Powder

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Real thalasso bath at home, Thalasso Oligo is a natural product rich in magnesium which relaxes the body. In perfect osmosis with your skin, this product offers all the trace-elements and marine minerals essential to remineralize and revitalize your body. You are wrapped in a calm feeling of well-being, you feel revitalized.


• 100% natural,
• Contains all the trace elements and minerals essential to the proper functions of the body.


Pour into a warm bath (no more than 38°C). Do not rinse and rest as long as the duration of the bath, between 15 and 20 minutes.

5 sachets x 60g


Regenerate, revitalize, fight against stress


Sodium-light seawater concentrate. It provides the skin and the body its exceptional richness in marine minerals and trace elements with regenerating effect through the stimulation of the cell metabolism. It is highly regenerating and revitalizing.