THALION Stomach-Waist Reshaper
THALION Stomach-Waist Reshaper

Stomach-Waist Reshaper

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This quick penetrating marine hydrogel is a vital ally to help combat unwanted abdominal fat on the stomach and waist, and fight against the loss of tonicity. Its formula combining the patented active ingredient Algoslim®, marine magnesium, caffeine and carnitine, targets the accumulation of fatty tissue and boosts the skin’s firmness.

  • Unprecedented approach targeting slimming & firmness action,
  • A small daily intake of Magnesium to help combat the effects of stress which are responsible for abdominal overweight,
  • Day after day, the stomach becomes more defined, the stomach appears re-sculpted.

Morning and/or evening, gently massage onto stomach, waist and hips in clockwise motion. Then knead the skin.


Slimming action


Actif exclusif breveté issu de 5 années de recherche. Issu d’une macro algue brune, il présente des propriétés lipolytiques. Il réduit le taux de triglycérides de 29%.


Caffeine inhibits the fat storage in the adipocyte, stimulates the destocking of fat by promoting lipolysis and degrading excess lipids. It also allows the fractionation of triglycerides stored in adipocytes into fatty acids that will be eliminated in the circulation.


Protein naturally present in our body that accelerates the breakdown of fat by promoting the transport of fatty acids.

Firming action

Soy glycoproteins

Firming active ingredient to tone the skin tissue of the abdomen.

Remineralizing action

Magnesium Oil

Magnesium intake helps to fight against the effects of stress, directly involved in abdominal overweight.