Post Depilatory Soothing Gel Face & Body
Post Depilatory Soothing Gel Face & Body

Post Depilatory Soothing Gel Face & Body

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This gel-cream is specially designed to slow the re-growth and reduce ingrown hairs and redness. Its light and fresh texture instantly soothes sensitive skin and hydrates thanks to Chondrus crispus and Sea fennel extracts. Result: hair appears finer and fewer, skin is soft and soothed.


  • Double action: slows down hairs regrowth and reduces their density,
  • Suitable after waxing,
  • Ultra-light fresh and soothing texture that allows immediate dressing.



Apply after waxing morning and evening, for five days, then once a day until the next session, avoiding eye and mucous contact. Follow with your usual Thalion face or body care. Can be applied immediately after waxing to sooth sensitive areas.


Everyone after waxing session



Slow hair regrowth, reduce ingrown hairs

Gymnema sylvester extract

Significant inhibition of hairs’ follicle activity: slowing down hairs regrowth, stagger depilatory treatments.

Grafted malic acid

Its keratolytic action promotes the elimination of dead cells and limits the phenomenon of ingrown hairs.

Soothe, reduce redness

Phytosomes 18 B glycyrrhetinic

Hydrophilic fraction of liquorice in a phytosome for an immediate and lasting calming effect. Anti-inflammatory and decongesting activity of beta-glycyrrhetinic acid.

Pure D Panthenol

Healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Hydrates, repairs and protects the skin.


Healing, soothing, hydrating & softening properties.


Chondrus crispus extract

Red seaweed (rhodophycea) that energizes the cell activity and maintains hydration. Provides remineralizing and regenerating minerals and trace elements.

Crithmum maritimum extract (Sea fennel)

Chrithmum maritimum is a perennial halophyte plant of the Apiacea family growing on the shores at the extreme edge of the sea, it is harvested on Brittany coasts. Its seeds are rich in oleic acid and polyunsaturated fatty acid: linoleic acid (omega 6) which are essential components of the "barrier" function of the skin for good hydration.