Youth Hand Cream
Youth Hand Cream
Youth Hand Cream

Youth Hand Cream

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Keep your hands young with this silky cream. Its melting and non-greasy texture will help them to regain their density, nutrition and comfort. Its formula includes the patented marine active ingredient Pylawhite®, which prevents and reduces the appearance of pigment spots and will leave your hands feeling smoother, firmer and more even.


  • Targets the signs of ageing on the hands: loss of elasticity, wrinkles, firmness
  • Treats pigmentation spots
  • Protects against discomfort due to daily aggressions
  • Creamy texture with a velvet finish


Apply morning and evening on hands.



Fight pigmentation spots, anti-age


Patented marine active ingredient that inhibits melanin synthesis by 25%.

Vitamin C

Inhibits the synthesis of melanin in melanocytes and lightens the melanin pigments already formed. It therefore has a global and targeted anti-spot lightening action. This active ingredient also has anti-oxidant properties and stimulates collagen synthesis for an anti-ageing and firming action.

Nutrition, hydration, protection

Cell Guard HSP®

Patented marine active ingredient. Derived from a red algae, Calliblepharis jubata. It provides hydration thanks to the osmolytes it contains and cellular protection thanks to the stimulation of HSP synthesis (Heat Shock Protein).

Shea butter, babassu

Protects the skin from dehydration, provides a barrier effect, nourishes and repairs.

Remineralization, skin balance


It energises the skin cells and regenerates the epidermis.

Laminaria digitata

Rich in minerals and trace elements in soluble and bio-available forms that are essential to the proper functioning of the skin's metabolism. Accelerates cellular exchanges and stimulates microcirculation to restore hydration, radiance and freshness to the epidermis.