Deep Cleansing Oil

Deep Cleansing Oil

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This silky oil perfectly removes all traces of make-up including waterproof and dissolves impurities and pollution.
The skin recovers cleanliness, comfort and radiance without any oily film.


• Preserves the hydrolipidic film,
• For all skin types, even oily skins as this texture dissolves sebum,
• Turns into a milky texture on contact with water,
• Easy to rinse.


Warm 3 to 4 pressures of oil in your hands. Apply over eyes, face and neck with circular movements. Rinse with lukewarm water.



Improve the barrier function and plump

Rice bran oil

It is emollient, with a similar function as the sebum. It favours the skin’s hydration. Its content in gamma-oryzanol confers anti-oxidant and protecting properties. It also has exceptional restructuring and softening properties. It has a high content in oleic acid, essential fatty acids and vitamin E.

Stimulate radiance

Crithmum maritimum (oily extract)

Seaside plant that is collected on the Brittany coasts. In addition to its high content in minerals, the Crithmum maritimum is characterized by the presence of mucilage, vitamin C and an essential oil with antiseptic property. It also boosts the cellular exchanges and preserves the tissues’ firmness. Its seeds are very rich in polyunsaturated fatty acid (omega 6) essential to restore  the barrier function of the skin.

Laminaria (oily extract)

The Laminaria digitata is a brown macro-algae harvested on the Brittany coasts. Its oily content is low but of a very high quality as it is mainly made of seaweeds’ lipids such as monounsaturated fatty acids : oleic acid, polyunsaturated fatty acids, fucosterols and vitamin A.