BB Cream Skin Perfector - Light
BB Cream Skin Perfector - Light

BB Cream Skin Perfector - Light

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In a single step, the THALION BB Cream moisturizes, evens , matifies and illuminates the complexion while providing an anti-ageing solution. Its light and non-greasy texture melts gently for a perfect finish.

  • The skin is uniform, bright, more beautiful instantaneously.
  • Available in 2 shades: clear and medium to suit all skin tones.
  • Excellent when used with Thalion Skin Perfecting Cream.

Apply in the morning on the face and neck. Use all year long, alone or after your daily care. Excellent makeup base.





Considered as a life elixir, the ginseng, rich in ginsengosides, improves micro-circulation, revitalizes and tones while eliminating the signs of fatigue.

Crithmum maritimum

Seaside plant that boosts the cellular exchanges and preserves the firmness of tissues.


Ulva Lactuca

Dermis restructurer and energy booster. It is able to optimise the use of energy within the skin's cells. Protects and reinforces the elastic capital.

Micro hyaluronic acid

Naturally contained in our skin, it helps maintain hydration and firmness by stimulating cell cohesion and collagen synthesis. With a low molecular weight, it is able to deep-penetrate.

Vitamin E

Fights free radicals. Anti-inflammatory action. Improves the ability of the skin to retain water.

Repair, protect, hydrate


Concentrate of oligosaccharides of rhodophycea algae obtained by an exclusive process of depolymerisation developed by our laboratory. These oligosaccharides of low molecular weight preserve the skin from irritations.

Rice bran oil

The richest in vitamin E of all vegetable oils. Rich in essential fatty acids, it has exceptional restructuring and softening properties. The skin recovers flexibility, comfort and elasticity.

Shea butter, bees wax

Protective, emollient. Form a film on the skin surface, thus preventing dehydration.