Sustainable Development

THALION has always been at the heart of nature, the sea and seaweed. With a strong will to respect such biodiversity and spread all its benefits, we have naturally adopted very precise harvesting methods in perfect harmony with our Code of Ethics :

• Strict selection of species
• Harvesting methods to ensure that the seaweed grows again
• Set-aside for the renewal of seaweed fields
• Optimisation of harvesting periods according to weather conditions and seasons.
We offer a guarantee of quality and traceability from the raw material through to the finished product as well as at each stage of the transformation. We take the necessary measures to ensure a constant level of quality.

We have to preserve the fragile balance of the ecosystem. That’s why THALION is constantly involved in a process to encourage sustainable development and to make use of the resources offered by the sea and seaweed in a responsible manner.

It is through our ethical and professional commitments that our brand, our company, can operate and continue to develop.