Sea and Seaweed

Balanced by nature, the sea is an extraordinary garden that holds our memories and our history. Home to an obundance of life forms, the sea is a medicinal marvel: seaweed soak up the water's nutrients, using them to develop substances with extraordinary properties. Our cells share certain similarities with the original sea environment. Osmosis takes place in our body as it absorbs everything it needs to revitalize itself, leaving us feeling invigorated.

THALION, Cutting-edge cosmetics from the sea,

Each seaweed has its benefits

Every seaweed and seashore plant species contain specific molecules, concentrated in exclusive active ingredients that give THALION treatments uncompromising efficiency.

Rhodophyta Seaweed

• Chondrus crispus : Hydrating & protecting
• Lithothamnium calcareum : Remineralizing
• Palmaria palmata : Elasticity & nutrition

Chlorophyta Seaweed

• Ulva lactuca : Firming & oxygenating



Phaeophyta Seaweed

• Fucus vesiculosus: Detoxifying & draining
• Laminaria digitata: Stimulating & slimming
• Undaria pinnatifida: Regenerating & lightening

Marine Plants

• Sea fennel : Tonicity & radiance
• Sea aster :Protection & firmness
• Sea everlasting : Anti-ageing & regenerating
• Salt wort: Anti-oxidant & hydrating