Precious Oil

Precious Oil

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Full of nutritious vegetable oils, Precious Oil beautifies all dry and dehydrated skins. A treasure of nutrition and radiance, for a smooth and glowing skin.


  • Relieves discomfort
  • Restructures and acts on tissue firmness
  • Shield that protects from free radical attacks
  • Nourished and regenerated, the skin regains comfort, elasticity and density. The wrinkles are filled from within.


Apply morning and/or evening on face and neck, avoiding the eye contour area. Warm up 5 drops in the palms of your hand and apply with light movements. According to the needs of your skin, apply then the usual THALION cream.




Nourish and improve the barrier function

Crithmum maritimum (oily extract)

Crithmum maritimum is a perennial halophyte plant from the Apiaceae species growing on the shores on the very edge of the sea. It is harvested on the Brittany coast. Its seeds are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 6), which are essential for the skin barrier function, for hydration and optimal elasticity.


Compatible with the lipids of the skin as the skin’s sebum consists of 25% of squalane. Gives the skin a velvety touch.

Protect against free radicals

Sea Everlasting (oily extract)

It strengthens the capillary walls and reduces their permeability thereby limiting inflammation. It has a healing and regenerating action. It neutralizes free radicals, protects the cells from the lipid peroxidation and the skin from photoaging.

Rice bran oil

The rice bran oil is an emollient and has a similar function to that of sebum. It contributes to the hydration of the skin. The presence of gamma-oryzanol confers anti-oxidant and protective properties. It also has exceptional restructuring and softening properties by its high content in unsaponifiable. Its composition in oleic acid, essential fatty acids, vitamin E makes this oil particularly suitable for mature skin.

Vitamin E

Fight against free radicals. Anti-inflammatory action. Improves the ability of the skin to retain water.

Restructure, firm

Laminaria (oily extract)

The Laminaria digitata is a brown macro-algae harvested on the Brittany coasts. Its lipid fraction is small but of a very high quality because it consists mainly of algal lipids as monounsaturated fatty acids: oleic acid, polyunsaturated fatty acids, fucosterols and vitamin A.

Provitamin A

Stimulates the renewal of skin cells to increase the thickness of the epidermis. It regulates keratinization and stimulates the basal layer. It fights the atrophy of connective tissue by inhibiting collagenase and stimulating the synthesis of GAG's.