Cellulite Control [3D]
Cellulite Control [3D]

Cellulite Control [3D]

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This gel-cream melts into the skin to reduce the appearance of orange peel. Its formula targets fatty tissues, liquids in excess and helps improve firmness.

The patented marine active ingredient Algoslim®, combined with caffein and glaucine, acts durably for anti-recurrence action.


  • Targets the 3 types of cellulite: adipose, watery and fibrous,
  • Easy to apply pink gel-cream texture for immediate dressing,
  • Day after day, the visible signs of cellulite seem to fade, the skin looks more tonic and smooth.


Morning and/or evening, proceed to kneading and palpate and roll movements to target areas (hips, thighs, stomach, waist, buttocks, knees, arms).




Lipolytic anti-adipose action

Liposomed Algoslim®

Patented marine active. Derived from a brown macro alga, it has lipolytic properties but also an activity limiting lipogenesis. It reduces the triglyceride level of adipocytes by 29%. Wrapped in liposomes, this active ingredient is delivered to the heart of the cells for a reinforced effect.


Caffeine works at 3 levels:

❶ Inhibits the storage of fat in the adipocyte,

❷ Allows the fractionation of triglycerides, stored in adipocytes, into fatty acids which will be eliminated in the circulation,

❸ Disinfiltrates tissues.


This active ingredient is extracted from the plant Glaucium flavum. It decreases the differentiation of pre-adipocytes into adipocytes, it stimulates lipolysis and allows tissue reversion: the adipose tissue is transformed in a fibroblastic tissue with contractile properties. Dimples are reduced by 43%.

Draining anti-stase action

Fucus vesiculosus

Brown algae which drains water and toxins with a strong decongestant power.


Escin is the active molecule in horse chestnut. It improves microcirculation thus helping eliminate excess water, toxins and fats. It promotes the elimination of cellulite.


Decongestant, stimulating, detox effect.

Firming anti-fibrose action


Patented marine active from Calliblepharis jubata algae. Real collagen synthesis booster which renews the support fibers. Promotes more flexible fibers, then fights fibrous cellulite.

Ulva lactuca

Dermal restructuring active ingredient that protects and strengthens the elastic capital of the skin by inhibiting elastase activity.