THALION’s story began with a Breton family driven by the same passion for the sea and the treasures contained within it: two generations inspired by the authentic and natural beauty of their region.
Although methods have been modernised, here at THALION we have kept the seaweed tradition alive for over 25 years. We remain faithful to our founding principles: to provide innovative, high performance products and marine treatments, while protecting the delicate balance of the marine ecosystem.

The sea is an incredible garden that is perfectly balanced by nature, and where our story and history begin. This wonderful haven of health contains minerals, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids: all the ingredients we need for enhancing the natural beauty of women and men.


Our Laboratories are at the heart of the Iroise Sea, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve which contains the very best seaweeds and harvesting areas.
Plouguerneau is home to unspoilt nature and a long seaweed tradition. Its waters are exceptionally pure and its marine biodiversity impressive. It is from these waters that we collect seaweed, drawing active ingredients straight from the sea. These contain extraordinary properties that enhance the skin and revitalise the body.

A PLEDGE TO the sea

We are located metres from the sea, right next to the resources. Each day, we work to the rhythm of the seasons and tides. We harvest the seaweed by boat or by hand depending on the species, and in perfect harmony with our code of ethics:
Strict selection of species
Respect for harvesting areas to allow for seaweed reproduction.
Fallow areas for seaweed regrowth
Optimisation of harvesting periods according to the required active ingredients


Seaweed, seawater and seaside plants are true life sources. They constitute THALION’s pillars of research and are at the heart of our formulas.
Our skin shares particular similarities with the original sea environment. Seawater and plasma are, in fact, both made up of minerals and trace elements. This affinity enables our cells to naturally collect and absorb all the benefits of this environment in a harmonious way.
THALION marine cosmetics are expert cosmetics which combine a knowledge of nature with scientific research. Our two R&D laboratories carry out two branches of complementary research:
Advanced study on the raw materials and active ingredients.
Formulation of end products with innovative galenic forms.

Did you know?

1/3 of France’s coastline
is in Brittany.
The marine biodiversity here is
the richest in Europe,
and notably it is home to over
800 species of macro-seaweed.
90% of France’s seaweed harvest
is carried out in Brittany.

2/3 of the Earth’s oxygen comes from seaweed.

Our mission

To guarantee all our products are effective and safe. We demand100% quality.

Our promise

To enhance the skin in a natural, healthy and responsible way.

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