Cellulite Control
Cellulite Control

Cellulite Control

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Get rid of cellulite! The solution? The new formula of Focus Cellulite that reduces the appearance of stubborn cellulite.
Its marine AHA transport the patented active ingredient - Algoslim® - and caffeine in the heart of the problem, for a complete action: destock and anti-stock.
Its delightful texture penetrates quickly. No more time to lose to correct the volumes!


  • Fight against the 3 types of cellulite: fat, water and fiber
  • Pink cream-gel texture easy to apply allowing immediate dressing,
  • Day after day, curves and  cellulite fade.



Warm the product in the hands to help its penetration. Morning and/or evening, proceed to kneading and palpate and roll movements to target areas (hips, thighs, stomach, waist, buttocks, knees, arms).



Limit adipocyte differentiation (fat cellulite)


Exclusive patented active ingredient resulting to a 5 year research. Derived from a macro brown seaweed, it presents lipolytic properties. It reduces the level of triglycerides by 29%.

Prevent fat storage and boost lipolysis (fat cellulite)


3 actions :

❶ Inhibits the fat storage in the adipocyte,

❷  Stimulates the fat deposits removal by activating the lipolysis and degrading the lipid overloads. It allows the splitting of triglycerides, stored in the adipocytes into fatty acids which will be eliminated in the circulation,

❸ Drains the tissues.

Stimulate microcirculation, activate the elimination of lipids (water cellulite)

Butcher broom

By its content in ruscogenin, it is draining and it activates the microcirculation.


Decongests, stimulates, detoxifies.

Fucus vesiculosus

Brown seaweed which drains water and toxins and has a strong decongesting power.


Obtained from the seeds of the chestnut fruit. Rich in saponins, it helps drain by improving micro-circulation, protect the capillary walls reduces their permeability) and have an anti-oxidant effect.