Matifying Fluid

Matifying Fluid

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This light cream is the ideal product for oily skin: it absorbs the excess of sebum and refines the skin. The micronutrients and essential marine trace-elements transported by Sebosomes work in perfect osmosis to re-balance and offer a new radiance to the skin. Day after day, it provides your skin with a matte finish, a pure and bright complexion.


• Anti-shining protection, • Tightens the pores and refines the skin, • Good make-up base.


Apply in the morning to perfectly cleansed face and neck.




18 beta glycyrrhetinic phytosomes

Hydrophilic fraction of liquorice in a phytosome for an immediate and lasting calming effect. Anti-inflammatory and decongesting activity of beta-glycyrrhetinic acid..

Boost radiance and moisture

Sebosomes  of marine complex (Chondrus, Fucus, Laminaria)

Brighten the complexion. Anti-bacterial actions. Encapsulated in sebosomes, the complex is delivered in the heart of the skin's cells.

Scutellaria baicalensis

Attenuate pigmentation disorders and restore radiance. Anti-inflammatory properties.


Maintains the moisture in the superficial layers of the skin and softens the skin.


Healing, soothing, moisturizing and softening.

Tighten pores

Witch hazel

Astringent effect which tightens the skin grain. Antiseptic and healing. Strong anti-oxidant power. It also calms the skin inflammations.